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Frequently asked questions - FAQ

Do parents or toddlers also have to pay?

Yes, everyone pays an  entrance fee, the admission fee depends on the age of the visitor.


Can you bring your own food?

Unfortunately it is not allowed to bring your own food, candy or picnic. Our restaurant sells pancakes and other dishes and treats at low prices. For babies you can bring baby food and use the microwave oven.


How long is my access valid?

Within the opening hours, your access to the playground is unlimited.

A ticket is registered by name, the date can be changed up to 24 hours in advance. Contact us to change your ticket date: tickets@legenturia.be.

Attention: your access expires when you leave the park, you CANNOT enter again.


For what ages do you have attractions?

1 to 77 years

For toddlers and preschoolers there is a separate toddler zone with 8 attractions and a play zone.

For young children there are playhouses, bouncy castles, boats, labyrinth, climbing attractions, distorting mirrors, dairy cows, gold mine and much more.

Free show at 5.00 pm for all ages in the big magic theater.


Extra activities: You can do extra activities (to be paid extra) such as bowling, lasershoot, ninja games and splashland during the summer.


What is / is not allowed?

Not allowed: smoking, sharp objects, weapons, drugs, pets. Own food items.

Allowed: wheelchairs & prams. You can bring your own drinks without restriction.


Where to park?

You can park on the opposite side of the building in the designated car parks or at IKEA.


Exchange? Repay?

Tickets are not refundable. For birthday parties only, the service applies that You may cancel and be fully refunded.


Bring your own cake?

Only if you choose one of our birthday party formulas can you bring your own cake. 


Lost and found?

Will be kept for 2 months. You can report a lost and found object by phone or chat.



070 232 003 (€0,30/min)


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